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Tourist Visa Information


Submission Place:

Paltan Head Office:

Eastern Arzoo, Level-2, 197, Shahid Sayed Nazrul Islam Sarani (61 Bijoynagar), Paltan, Dhaka-1000

Dhanmondi Branch Office:

Green Taj Center, (Almas Building), Level-2, Road No-8/A Dhanmondi C/A, Dhaka-1209

Your Visiting Time: 9.30 am-09.00 pm (Saturday- Thursday) As per appointment.


Additional documents submission: Saturday to Thursday: 09:30 – 09:00.


Interview: No interview but can be contact by phone call in office hour time.


How many days need to issue visa: Normally 20-35 working days. Some cases take longer.Our Service Charge: BDT=5000/ (All other expenses like Notary, Translate, Valuation, Photocopy & Other will pay separately).



Passport must be valid for at least 1 year.

    1. Company and personal bank account statement of 6 months and solvency certificate, (minimum balance of Tk 5 lakh).

    2. Notary with translation of trade license in English for traders, company letter pad and visiting card.

    3. Salary pay-slip with NOC/GO letter, visiting card, job ID card and 6 months salary statement from office for employees.

    4. Professional Certificate for Professionals, (Notarized with English translation),

    5. Visiting card, ID card (if any).

    6. Copy of TIN & Tax Certificate, National ID Card

    7. National ID card and marriage certificate of spouse.

    8. Copy of son/daughter's birth certificate and school/college ID card.

    9. Photo 1 copy in color: 35×45 size, white background.

    10. Color scan copy of all previous country visas and seals. Asset documents (flat, house, car, fixed deposit) if any.


Employment details:

Employed: letter from employer- stating position and salary, length of employment, confirming leave of absence and the name and contact details of the person providing the letter.


Student: Evidence of your enrollment such as letter & student id from institute.

  1.  Self Employed or Businessman:

  2.  Updated Trade license and registration documents with notarized & translated

  3.  Company Memorandum copy

  4.  Old business documents (if available) & other documents


For Inviter:

  1. Invitation letter

  2. Bank statements

  3. Tax documents.


Other documents:

  1.  Company pad & visiting card

  2.  National ID/Birth certificate copy

  3.  Marriage certificate copy

  4.  Documents of properties

  5. Bluebook photocopy of car (if available)

  6.  Documents of other income (if available)

  7. If applicant is government service holder then need GO

  8.  If applicant are retired person then need retirement documents

  9.  All documents of financial solvency like FDR/ Share business/other savings/Security deposit/ Cash investment

  10. Company Bushier, Catalog, Book, Company profile copy, Product sample copy etc

  11. Travel Itinerary copy.


User Information:

Note all of the expenditure for visa processing purpose is strictly nonrefundable. Visa information & different charges can be changed any time without prior notice. We provide only assistance and not any guarantee of getting visas. Please check the update visa information when you apply. This information sheet is prepared by us which are little bit more details than embassy requirements.

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